Benjamin’s Sunsets

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Since losing Benjamin, we go to the beach every Sunday to watch the sunset and throw flowers in the ocean.  This weekly ritual helps us to feel close to our little boy and helps to mend our broken hearts.  As we watch the sun disappear on the horizon, we focus on the love and happiness Benjamin brought into our lives.

As part of my healing process I have taken photos of each of these sunsets. Below are some of these photographs.

Week 57 – Aalborg, Denmark and Trigg Beach, WA 20th May 2018

Mummy & Daddy were separated for another sunset this week with Benjamin’s Daddy in Europe for work 😔

20180520 Benjamin's Sunset Trigg Beach

Daddy’s solo sunset in Denmark

Benjamin's Sunset Aalborg Denmark 20.05.2018

Week 56 – Trigg Beach, WA 13th May 2018 

Week 55 – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup WA 6th May 2018

This week we had our biggest crew to date at Benjamin’s sunset and all at his very own beach 💕 Benjamin’s grandparents (from Daddy’s side) as well as his uncles and aunts and the Evans’.  Lots of miles flown for us all to be in the same place together xx

Week 54 – Trigg Beach, WA 29th April 2018

Benjamin's Sunset 29.04.2018

Week 53 – City Beach, WA 22nd April 2018

We have always said that we will do Benjamin’s sunset no matter what the weather and that was sure tested this week.  Got just a little wet 😂

Benjamin’s First Birthday – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup, WA 16th April 2018

Happy 1st Birthday to the most special & loved of little boys 🎈🎈🎈

Week 52 – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup, WA 15th April 2018

52 weeks!  I honestly didn’t think I would survive this long, let alone be smiling when I got here.  Benjamin has brought so many good things to our lives.  His love brings us hope for a happier future xx

Week 51 – Bondi Beach, NSW & Trigg Beach, WA 8th April 2018

It was a double sunset this week as I had a work trip in Sydney.  It was a great excuse to enjoy another lovely sunset for Benjamin with the amazing Evans family xx

Daddy’s solo sunset (a great photo as always 💕)

Benjamin's Sunset 08.04.2018 2

Week 50 – Trigg Beach, WA 1st April 2018 – Easter Sunday

Oh boy have I been dreading this day for the last year!  Easter Sunday, the day we met and said goodbye to our darling Benjamin.  Despite all of the odds, one year on we had a lovely day that was filled with love and hope xxx

Week 49 – Leighton Beach, WA 25th March 2018

This week was Benjamin’s last sunset with his grandparents for this trip (plus his Granny’s birthday ❤️).  It was a sunset filled with lots of love as we also remembered Merv’s aunt Gronya who passed away this weekend and Benjamin’s little friend in heaven, Jasper 💕💕💕

Week 48 – Trigg Beach, WA 18th March 2018

Benjamin is being super spoilt with visitors at his sunsets for the last few weeks.  This week he had his grandparents all the way from Ireland 💕 I don’t know how to describe it but there is something just so powerful and full emotion about his sunsets.  I feel so connected to him and most weeks I feel like I can keep going with him just in my heart.  This is definitely not the path I would have chosen but it is still a path filled with lots and lots of love 💕💕💕


Week 47 – Trigg Beach, WA 11th March 2018

Benjamin's Sunset 11.03.2018 1 BlogBenjamin's Sunset 11.03.2018 2 Blog

Week 46 – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup, WA 4th March 2018

We were lucky enough to be back at Benjamin’s Beach in Yallingup this week 💕 Benjamin also had another visitor for his sunset. Our friend all the way from Denmark 💖 I can’t tell you what a beautiful sunset it was this week.  Just perfect xxx


Week 45 – Trigg Beach, WA 25th February 2018

Benjamin's Sunset 25.02.2018 Blog

Week 44 – Trigg Beach, WA 18th February 2018

This week we had a lovely visitor with us for Benjamin’s sunset…our dear friend Sherrie ❤️ Despite the fact that it is the middle of the summer here the bad weather continues to haunt us and there was not really any sunset to speak of.  This was more than made up for by the beautiful roses that Sherrie brought for Benjamin from her Mum’s garden 🌹


Week 43 – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup, WA 11th February 2018

Back down South for a few days to escape Perth.  Another beautiful sunset at Benjamin’s beach.  It was charged with lots of emotions and quite a bit of sadness.  Would give anything to have a little 10 month old boy with us xx


Week 42 – Trigg Beach, WA 4th February 2018


Week 41 – Trigg Beach, WA 28th January 2018


Week 40 – Trigg Beach, WA 21st January 2018

Benjamin's Sunset 21.01.2018

Week 39 – Trigg Beach, WA 14th January 2018

This week’s sunset was absolutely stunning.  I would probably say the most amazing one yet.  It was a balmy evening with no wind.  There was even a rainbow! We stayed down there for over an hour, just in awe of the natural beauty, Benjamin’s love as strong as ever in our hearts xxx



Week 38 – Trigg Beach, WA 7th January 2018

Jeez it was windy this week but the upside was that we had the beach to ourselves 🙂


Week 37 – Trigg Beach, WA 31st December 2017, New Year’s Eve

The last of Benjamin’s sunsets for 2017.  He shared it with another very special little girl, Patti, taken too soon.  We brought down the lovely yellow flower for Patti.  Thinking of Patti’s parents, Laura & Dan, also spending their first Christmas and New Year without their little girl 💕


Week 36 – Trigg Beach, WA 24th December 2017, Christmas Eve

Our little boy now officially gone for longer than he was here 💔  The beautiful roses courtesy of my Mum & Dad ♥️


Week 35 – Trigg Beach, WA 17th December 2017

A huge storm making it’s way to the coast.  I took this literally 2 minutes before all hell broke lose!

IMG_2910Copy 1

Week 34 – City Beach, WA 10th December 2017

Benjamin’s Daddy was on photo duty this week – how amazing did he do?


Week 33 – Benjamin’s Beach, Yallingup, WA, 3rd December 2017

Not much of a sunset this week but Benjamin did send us a pod of dolphins playing in the surf which made up for it 🙂


Week 32 – Trigg Beach, 26th November 2017


Week 31 – Trigg Beach, 19th November 2017


Week 30 – City Beach, 12th November 2017


Week 29 – Brighton Beach, 5th November 2017


Week 28 – City Beach, 29th October 2017


Week 27 – Swan River, Belmont, 22nd October 2017

This week Benjamin shared his sunset with someone else who is very close to our hearts, our dear friend Carrie Williams, who much like Benjamin, was taken from this world much much too soon.  We still miss you Carrie xx


Week 26 – Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth, 15th October 2017

For International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day and our special boy’s 6 month anniversary I organised the Choosing Hope walk, a Bears of Hope initiative, to remember and honour our babies who are no longer with us.


Week 25 – Brighton Beach, 8th October 2017


Week 24 – City Beach, 1st October 2017

thumb_IMG_2305_1024Copy 1

Week 23 – Brighton Beach, 24th September 2017


Week 22 – City Beach, 17th September 2017


Week 21 – Brighton Beach, 10th September 2017


Week 20 – City Beach, 3rd September 2017…..Mummy & Daddy finally back together


Week 19 – City Beach, Perth / Chicago, USA 27th August 2017

City Beach, Perth (Daddy’s last solo sunset with Benjamin)


Chicago, USA


Week 18 – Brighton Beach, Perth / Olympic National Park, USA  20th August 2017

Brighton Beach, Perth (Daddy solo sunset with Benjamin)


Olympic National Park, Washington State, USA


Week 17 – Leighton Beach, Perth / Seattle, USA 13th August 2017

Leighton Beach, Perth (Daddy solo sunset with Benjamin)

Leighton Beach Sunset

Seattle USA with the crew


Week 16 – Cottesloe Beach, 6th August 2017


Week 15 – City Beach, 30th July 2017


Week 14 – Brighton Beach, 23rd July 2017

DSC_0973-PanoCopy 1

Week 13 – Yallingup, 16th July 2017


Week 12 – Brighton Beach, 9th July 2017


Week 11 – City Beach, 2nd July 2017


Week 10 – City Beach, 25th June 2017


Week 9 – Brighton Beach, 18th June 2017


Week 8 – Brighton Beach, 11th June 2017


Week 7 – Scarborough Beach, 4th June 2017


Week 6 – City Beach, 28th May 2017


Week 5 – Brighton Beach, 21st May 2017

DSC_0485-PanoCopy 1

Week 4 – Yallingup, 14th May 2017


Week 3 – Yallingup, 7th May 2017

2017.05.07 Yallingup Panoromic Week 3

Week 2 – City Beach, 30th April 2017 (photo courtesy of my Dad)

2017.04.30 City Beach Week 2

Week 1 – City Beach, 23rd April 2017 (photo courtesy of my Dad)

2017.04.23 City Beach Week 1